Wireless Earbuds Ture Bluetooth Headphones Noise Isolating Wireless Headphone Bluetooth 5.0 with Built-in Micro 15H Playtime Auto Pairing Touch Control Stereo Sound (Middle)

  • GREAT STEREO SOUND QUALITY: Bluetooth 5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology ensure that you don’t miss any part or component of your music. excellent sound quality along with noise cancellation to make listening to your music a great experience. The level of the output for our earbuds earphones is to the recommended health standards. The crystal clear voice with built-in microphone for in-car or sports hands-free calls, and the one button design lets the wireless earbuds easily switched betwe
  • EASY PAIR COMPATIBALE: Simply pair the headset with your bluetooth device. These earphones are compatible with all android and ios devices including iphones, ipads, droids, tablets, and laptops. No need to connect every time, simply turn the headphones on and they will automatically pair with your phone. So convenient .
  • COMFORTABLE AND QUALITY DESIGN: The sleek, ergonomic bluetooth wireless earbuds with different shapes & sizes which ideal for any indoor or outdoor workout. No need to worry about fall from ears without recognition. The super musical outputs have a nice weight you can wear for long time with no pain. Even dropped many times without damage or scratching .
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Product Description

Wireless Earbuds Ture Bluetooth Headphones Noise Isolating Wireless Headphone Bluetooth 5.0 with Built-in Micro 15H Playtime Auto Pairing Touch Control Stereo Sound (Middle) : Product Description

So how are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi different?

The first is the familiar Wi-Fi, which is good at connecting multiple devices simultaneously. It has been created as a hub that connects to the Internet. The communication speed is breakneck, and it is good at mass data communication. However, because of its considerable power consumption, it is used for stationary devices such as routers that can supply power from outlets.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a technology designed for one-to-one communication. Both communication speed and communication distance are weaker than Wi-Fi, but they consume less power and can be used for long-term devices such as keyboards and mice. Since these devices have a small amount of data to be communicated at one time, data delay is unlikely to occur.

How Bluetooth headphones connect to a smartphone?

Most wireless headphones use Bluetooth to communicate with the device, and in some cases, there may be a problem with the connection between the mobile app and the headphones.
If you are using wireless headphones with your mobile device, make sure your mobile device OS and headphone app are up to date.

Earphone-type wireless headphones are more susceptible to connection issues, such as broken connections, out-of-sync, and dropped calls than other wireless headphones due to their form.
In some cases, when communication is lost, your head itself is blocking the signal, which can be challenging to resolve.

Some headphone manufacturers say that updating the firmware may improve synchronization and other issues, but not all headphones.
Nevertheless, there may be solutions on the manufacturer’s website, including firmware updates, so you should check them out.

Of course, you need to keep your firmware up to date.

Procedure to connect Bluetooth earphone with Windows PC

1. Start pairing
First, operate the buttons on the Bluetooth earphone side to start matching.

The operation method differs depending on the earphone or speaker, so check the manual.

* Playing and stopping, power and volume are nothing, but you may start pairing by pressing and holding a relevant button.

2. Add device
Open “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel, and click “Add Device.”

Many people drop out without finding this. Now, click on this to start searching for devices.

When the Bluetooth earphone is detected automatically, the device installation will begin.

Windows now recognize the Bluetooth earphone as a playback device.

3. Priority output for Bluetooth earphones
However, with this alone, you will not be able to hear the sound from the Bluetooth earphone. As before, you will get out of the speaker.

This is because the speaker you have been using has priority over Bluetooth as the output destination.

Go to “Control Panel”-> “Sound,” right-click the icon that says “Bluetooth Audio Device,” and try “Set as Default Device.”

About behavior
With this setting, the sound of the Windows PC will be played from the Bluetooth earphone, but no sound will be output from the speaker.

Here, when you turn off the Bluetooth earphone, it automatically switches to output from the speaker.

Also, when you turn on the Bluetooth earphone again, the output to the Bluetooth earphone has priority still, and the sound output from the speaker stops.