POPCHOSE H9 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth V5.0 Dual 3D Stereo True Wireless Earbuds Deep Bass Mini in Ear Earphones IPX5 Waterproof Headphones with Built-in Mic, 16HR Playtime,Black

  • 【POPCHOSE 3D stereo leading technology Offers 1-year warranty】12-month replacement & refund guarantee. If you have any question regarding the Bluetooth earbuds, please contact us for Manufacturer’s warranty. We promise to provide friendly and prompt customer services.
  • 【Auto Connection Bluetooth 5.0 truly wireless experience】one-step auto Connection technology makes it super easy and fast to connect. Compared with Bluetooth V4.2, the Bluetooth V5.0 headphones can be used separately as a mono wireless earbud or used together as stereo wireless earphones. No wire tangles anymore, activate voice assistant like Siri, answer and make hands free calls on both earphones. Easily set up Bluetooth enabled devices within up to 33ft working range.
  • 【Immersive stereo sound】equipped with premium Bluetooth chip and latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, our wireless headphones deliver punching bass, luscious midrange, and soaring treble. In-ear design blocks out surrounding noises, making sure that you don’t lose any detail and emotion in sound, immersing yourself in the sea of music.
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Product Description

POPCHOSE H9 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth V5.0 Dual 3D Stereo True Wireless Earbuds Deep Bass Mini in Ear Earphones IPX5 Waterproof Headphones with Built-in Mic, 16HR Playtime,Black : Product Description

What is the communication distance of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has the concept of “Class.” Even with the same Bluetooth product, the strength of the radio wave differs depending on the class that is certified. That is, the communicable distance also changes.

Before you buy a Bluetooth product, make sure that you have the required class before purchasing so that it does not say, “The radio wave did not reach …”. There are three types of Classes 1-3.

Types of Bluetooth communication distance and communicable distance

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a product is that Class 1 devices do not always reach the maximum communication distance of 100m. For example, earphones with a communication distance of 20 m and microphones with a range of 50 m are also classified in Class 1. In other words, if the maximum output is “more than Class2 and within 100mW”, they are all equally classified into Class1.

As described above, even if the products are of the same class, the communication distance varies. If you want to focus on range, check the maximum output for each product.

Also, the intensity of radio waves that can be output differs depending on the country or region where the device is used. The upper limit is about 50 mW under the Japanese Radio Law, but not overseas. Besides, keep in mind that the distance may fluctuate depending on the performance of the receiving antenna and power amplifier, so it cannot be measured unconditionally.

Connect headphones directly to your Bluetooth device.

Turn on the headphones and press and hold the Power / Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth light flashes blue. You will hear a prompt saying, “Another device is ready to connect” (if voice guidance is enabled). If the headphones are turned on for the first time, the headphones are already in this state.

The power button on the headphones
Turn on Bluetooth on the connected device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

In your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, select your headphones. If your headphones do not appear in the list, you will need to tap “Search,” “Scan,” “Pair new device,” etc. in the Bluetooth menu of the device There maybe.

When connected, you will hear an audio prompt saying, “Connected to <device name>.”

Pair with Windows 10 PC

  • Step 1 Select Action Center at the right end of the taskbar on your computer and select [All Settings].

*The setting screen differs depending on the OS version.

  • Step 2 When the [Settings] screen opens, select [Devices].
  • Step 3 Set the headphones to the device registration mode (pairing mode).
    Hold down the “power” button or “PAIRING” button on the headphones until the lamp on the central unit blinks (about 7 seconds).
    There are the following two patterns for the lamp blinking.

The blue lamp blinks twice each time
Blue and red lights flash alternately
Refer to the instruction manual as it varies depending on the model.

  • Step 4 Select [Bluetooth and other devices] on the computer, and select the [Add Bluetooth or other devices] button.

* If the [Bluetooth] function is [Off], set it to [On].

  • Step 5 When the [Add a device] screen is displayed, select [Bluetooth].
  • Step 6 When [〇〇 (headphone model name)] is displayed, select it.

* If you are asked for a passkey, enter “0000 (Zero Zero Zero Zero)”.
A passkey is sometimes called a passcode, PIN code, PIN, password, etc.

  • Step 7 Confirm that “Connected to music” is displayed under the headphone model name, and select [Done].

This completes the pairing process with the headphones.