BRDOOGU Bluetooth Headphones Speaker 2 in 1, Wearable Speaker,Wireless Headset Neckband Foldable Bluetooth 5.0,True 3D Stereo Sound, Retractable Earbuds,Siri & Bixby Assistant Compatible-Black

  • 【Real 3D Surround Sound】 4 strategically placed speakers designed to provide the best stereo surround sound. Advanced CSR chip and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the signal is stronger, the transmission is more stable, wearable wireless device for “cinema-like” surround sound. Compatible with a wide range of devices. This easy to use technology is compatible with phone , TV (bluetooth enabled), PC, and mobile making them the ultimate accessory.
  • 【Neckband & Foldable Design】Flexible and lightweight silicone neckline, Comfortable and wearable. Headphones are foldable and durable. They can be folded more than 6,500 times, making it easy to store and carry. Four-button control lets you make calls, play and pause tracks and access your phone’s Siri or the Bixby Assistant.
  • 【Retractable earbuds and Hall sensor switch design】Bluetooth wireless headset is equipped with Hall sensor switch. When you make a call, pull out the earbuds and answer them automatically. Pull it again and it will shrink into the storage. and switch to the external speaker hands-free mode. The self-retracting earbuds allow you to pull the retractable wires to the desired length.Tough and durable, it can be stretched more than 6,500 times.
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Product Description

BRDOOGU Bluetooth Headphones Speaker 2 in 1, Wearable Speaker,Wireless Headset Neckband Foldable Bluetooth 5.0,True 3D Stereo Sound, Retractable Earbuds,Siri & Bixby Assistant Compatible-Black : Product Description

What are Bluetooth headphones?

It is the name of a wireless standard different from Wi-Fi.
Bluetooth is the name of a wireless connection standard. Put “wireless connection between various devices.” Until now, such devices as wireless keyboards, wireless speakers, wireless mice, wireless headphones, etc., have been used by each company with their standard radio. It is a standard that unifies them so that any device can be used immediately by connecting them.

Bluetooth is power-saving and suitable for short distances
Speaking of wireless standards, Wi-Fi is famous. Still, it was developed to connect multiple devices to the network, so advanced work such as fast transfer speed, the power of radio waves reaching a certain distance, and security are required. It becomes.

Bluetooth is a bit simpler. Because it is about making familiar digital devices wireless, the output is low compared to Wi-Fi (that is, it is not suitable for long distances). Still, the transfer speed is not fast, but instead, it can be made smaller and cheaper with power saving.

If you use a smartphone or computer and think that this cable is in the way, you can think of it as a wireless connection via Bluetooth. In particular, the latest Bluetooth smart compatible devices consume very little power during standby, so they can always be connected.

Connect headphones directly to your Bluetooth device.

Turn on the headphones and press and hold the Power / Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth light flashes blue. You will hear a prompt saying, “Another device is ready to connect” (if voice guidance is enabled). If the headphones are turned on for the first time, the headphones are already in this state.

The power button on the headphones
Turn on Bluetooth on the connected device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

In your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, select your headphones. If your headphones do not appear in the list, you will need to tap “Search,” “Scan,” “Pair new device,” etc. in the Bluetooth menu of the device There maybe.

When connected, you will hear an audio prompt saying, “Connected to <device name>.”

How to pair your computer with a Bluetooth device such as headphones, a mobile phone, or another computer.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Bluetooth and other devices.
    NOTE: If you don’t return any results in Bluetooth and other devices, your computer may not support Bluetooth.
  2. On the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab, change the Bluetooth setting to “On.”
  3. Click Add a Bluetooth or other device to start searching for tools.
  4. Click [Bluetooth] as the type of device to add.
  5. Select the Bluetooth device you want to add from the list.
  6. When prompted, enter your PIN and click Connect. If you don’t see the PIN, enter the default PIN ” 0000 ” often used for Bluetooth devices.
  7. Review the authentication message for the device you are connecting to now and approve the news or grant access.
  8. Follow the instructions on your computer and device to complete the pairing process. A confirmation message appears when the device is paired.

NOTE: If you see an authentication error, it’s too long. Move the device closer and try pairing again.