7 advantages of using Bluetooth headsets

How to open an app on Android when connecting the headset [AutoPlay]

Learn how to open an app with your headset; just connect and automatically you’ll be listening to music

It’s a routine: unlock your phone, plug in your phone, open Spotify (or Deezer, or YouTube, or another app of your choice) to listen to music. You can shorten the path by having Android open a certain app when you connect the headphones automatically . Wired or bluetooth, from any manufacturer.

To do this, you will need to download the AutoPlay Bluetooth & Headphones . Or another similar application like Bluetooth Autoplay Music or Bluetooth Autoplay for Android.

How to open an app on Android when connecting the headset

Once this is done, you will define which application should be opened when connecting your headphones (wired or wireless). It could be Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, any of them.

How to open an app with a headset

  1. Download one of the apps (Bluetooth & Headphones);
  2. In “Selected App”, choose the application that will be opened;
  3. Activate the key “Start app after every connection”;
  4. If your phone has wires, in “Headphones”, activate “Start app after connect”;
  5. Also, set a default volume when activating the headphones;

Autoplay - Headset - Android - Spotify

When you connect your headphones, your chosen application will open in a few seconds.

What else can I do with Autoplay?

In addition to opening an app with a headset, another interesting automation mode that AutoPlay and its peers do is to create “unique profiles” for each Bluetooth device (can be a headset or a speaker) that has already been paired on your smartphone. Just touch “Individual” and “+” to adjust which one will have which destination on the device.

At first, the app will already identify audio devices that have been paired by Bluetooth with your phone. Choose one by one and select the application to open.

Different Headphones - AutoPlay

You can also rename devices to identify them more quickly and turn off Bluetooth to interrupt the connection with your phone that opens the application.

Note that this can make a mess if you usually use headphones to answer calls or listen to and send audios through WhatsApp, for example. You will have to close the application that opens automatically when you connect the headset. Consider the question.